How to do a simple card trick for kids

How to do a simple card trick for kids

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This card trick is really easy. Kind of silly but mainly to show kids. Start with a shuffled deck of cards.

Fan out the cards and have someone pick a card and look at it without showing it.

This is the card I chose as an example.

Once they have memorized their card, split the deck and half and have them put it face down on top. The trick to this trick is to memorize the card that will be next to theirs. Kind of sneaky.

This is just me putting the example card down. Don't make what you're doing too obvious. Most kids didn't catch it when I did it.

Now shuffle the cards just a little so you don't separate their card from the one you memorized.

Then start going through the cards until you find the one you're looking for. Sometimes it helps To pass it and Go back to help the illusion. Their card should be to the right of yours if done right.

Then show them the card and let them be amazed! Like I said, seem like no one would fall for it but you would be surprised. Hope you like it :)

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