How to thread a needle & tie a knot

How to thread a needle & tie a knot

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Measure your thread. It should be the length of your arm, from finger tips to shoulder.

Cut the thread at an angle using shears.

Hold the thread very close to the end and guide it through the eye of the needle. Having trouble? Wet your finger with a drop of water and pinch the end of the thread.

Stagger the ends of the thread. Use your index finger and thumb in the shape of an "L" to space out the ends.

Now start to tie the knot. Be sure that the sharp part of the needle is pointing straight up.

Scoop up the long end of the thread.

Cross the thread and the needle about 1/2 inch from the thread's end.

Twist the thread around the needle about 7 or 8 times. Note: Do not twist the tail. Twist the part of the thread opposite of the tail.

Pinch the twists with your thumb and index finger.

Pull the needle up through your pinched fingers. Be sure that the twists stay between your pinched fingers.

Continue pulling the needle up and pinching the twists until the knot forms at the end of the thread.

Ta da! Hopefully you've successfully created a knot, and you can begin sewing!

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