How to cook banoffee pie

How to cook banoffee pie

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To make he caramel boil two 397g cans of condensed milk for two and a half hours. Ensure the water covers the cans. You can get cans of pre boiled caramel but this way is much more fun.

Place 300 grams of digestive biscuits in a bag and crush with a rolling pin or anything heavy. Add to the melted butter to make the pie base.

Compress the biscuit mix in to the base of a 20mm spring form tin. Put in to the fridge to set. You can let it rise up the walls of the tin also if you like.

Pour the cooled caramel mixture into the the biscuit base and cover with slices of the banana

Cover generously with whipped cream

Sprinkle with the chocolate flakes and serve chilled.

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