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How to make air and linen spray How-to

How to make air and linen spray

Mix all of your ingredients in a bowl and mix. The vodka helps emulsify the mixture.Pour the mixture into a spray bottle. I used an empty bottle I had but it was small so I ended up using 2 bottles. A funnel helps so you don& 39;t spill it all over.Just shake well before use and spray. I used lemon oil because its an uplifting scent.

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How to fix netbook screen How-to

How to fix netbook screen

If your netbook screen got broken, don& 39;t worry.Remove the capRemove battery and disconnect power.Remove the 2 screws in the bottom.Slowly remove the case. Be very gentle.After removing the housing, your netbook will look as shown in the picture.Now. Remove the 4 side screws.Very gently remove the video chord and disconnect the broken screen.

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How to make labeneh How-to

How to make labeneh

Add one teaspoon of salt to each pot and stir well.Place muslin or cheese cloth over a colindar. I use two cloths, one over the other.Pour in yoghurt (both pots), using spoon to get all yoghurt out the pot.Tie top of muslin cloth securely.Hang over sink and then leave over night. The whey will start to drip leaving the curd in the sack.

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How to magnetize a screwdriver How-to

How to magnetize a screwdriver

When using a screwdriver in a tight place, it& 39;s common to have the screw fall out. Here& 39;s a quick and easy way to magnetize your screwdriver and prevent the dreaded lost screw.Get a powerful magnet.Place the screwdriver on the magnet and leave it there for about 15 minutes.Enjoy a magnetized screwdriver that can last for months, if not years.

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How to use framelits for a fancy envelope How-to

How to use framelits for a fancy envelope

Pull out your envelope and Framelit. Note: You should only choose to make this envelope if you are hand-delivering not send through the mail.Place Framelit in desired location on envelope and use a sticky note to avoid shifting when you roll through the Big Shot.Make cut after you fully & 34;sandwich& 34; between the cutting pads.

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How to make chicken stuffed tofu How-to

How to make chicken stuffed tofu

Ground chicken breast, 1 onion, half garlic, 1 teaspoon black pepper, 1 teaspoon ground red pepper (cayenne), tablespoon sugar, 1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce and mix togetherCut pre-fried tofu squares in half (not all the way through) then stuff the chicken in.Place the tofu with chicken into a pan with oil on low and put a lid on and place on medium heat.

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